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Your Brand Image Already Tells a Story. We Make Sure Your Story Is EPIC! 

We develop creative visual solutions for every aspect of your business, no matter what industry you are in. We have partnered with forward thinking companies from all across the globe to be able to manage all of your creative visual solutions in one place!

Print, Video, Web, & 3D Photography only begin to scratch the surface. IF IT'S DIGITAL & VISUAL, WE PROBABLY DO IT. IF WE DO IT, WE DO IT VERY WELL!

Here Are Just A Few of Our Satisfied Clients

Perfect View 3D Real Estate Photography
Yolanda Marshall-Nickerson - Client
Provision Environmental - Artistic Concepts Client

Our Portfolio

Digital Photo Decluttering
Architectural High Dynamic Rage Photography
Graphic Design, Layout, & Print Management

Our Services

We have over 16 years of digital design, marketing, and creative problem solving experience. So, bring us any creative challenge you are facing and we will help you find the solution you need.

Custom Brand Development

Do you have a new business or an existing business with a really weak image. Tell us who you are and what you do, and we will build the perfect brand for you! We can provide your finished assets in any digital format you need as well as a Brand Management Guide to potect your brand's integrity and value. This is one of the first services you should consider when you start to plan your new business or at the moment you ralize you just settled with a fun font and some clipart to brand your new business. Relax and let the professionals get your business started off on the right foot!

GraphicDesign/ Custom Printing 

Business Cards, Fliers, Brochures, Banners, Presentations, T-Shirts, Newsletters, Social Media Images, Advertisements, Billboards, Interior and Exterior Signage and More... If you are looking for something visual to be printed, projected or displayed, we are the company you are looking for! 

We can handle every detail from concept to delivery. We have built an extensive network of suppliers in order to provide you the best ROI available on any project we manage!

We also offer some of the best Photo Manipulation and restoration services in the world! With over 20 years of Photoshop experience, let Chris Fraser fix your pics!

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Do you want to run a regularly scheduled social media ad campaign like Facebook Ads, but you don't know where to start, or how to do it without wasting marketing capital? That's what we are here for. We have learned some of the most powerful methods to build scale effective campaigns.

Let us build a sstem to get the best ROI for your business! We can even build high quality teaser videos through our micro-brand "" We call it your 15 seconds to fame!!!

We Will Help You Learn 

Only the weak nerds keep the knowledge to themselves to feel better and have a false sense of control. Not here! We want to empower you. As our client, your success is our success! We will teach you everything we can along the way. (Some things are top secret and in some cases we are bound by non-disclosure agreements) But if we are allowed to share information to help you understand what we are doing, you bet we will! You can even hire us to teach your team a specific skill or technique. Just ask how!

Website Repairs & Rebuilds

So someone built your site, handed you the keys, and you never saw them again. You are not alone! Let us learn about your organization and then loan us the keys and we will help you learn how to make it work for you! If you want, we can attempt to repair any broken or outdated parts, or provide you with options for a rebuild if you would like.

Award Winning Video Services

With 25 years of video production experience, a Gold Telly Award and a vast network of talent & resources, you won't find a better ROI for video production. Chris Fraser has produced thousands of hours worth of finished video for major networks and clients worldwide! His Demo Reel is available HERE It is password protected at the request of some of the clients featured in it. You can request the PASSWORD HERE

Daily Task Automation

Are you tired of doing repetative tasks daily? Let us learn th ins and outs of your daily routine and find ways to simplify your life and find you more precious free time for you while helping you become more productive!

We have discovered a treasure trove of creative solutions that many people never knew existed!

Creative Consultations

Do you need help, but you don't know exactly what you need? Let us meet with you and observe your business to determine the needs. We will then develop a suggested plan of action. We utilize creative techniqes to break any problem down to it's most comon elements in order to build a better solution!

Our Micro-Brands

These brands are seperate business and web services that operate under the parent brand of Artistic Concepts llc. When it comes to Digital Design and Marketing we are constantly finding new solutions to different problems and as a result, we have built an extensive portfolio of solutions. Rather than just piling all of our services on one site and making people dig around to figure out what all we actually do, we decided to brand each different solution seperately.

Builder's Vision - 3D Visualization and Presentation Materials for Unbuilt Spaces

Builder's Vision is a one stop solution for high quality custom visualization and presentation solutions for Builders and Developers. The flagsip product offered is a lifelike, interactive 3D Rendering of an unbuilt space that allows the viewer to change options such as flooring and counter materials and colors in real time. We make your invisible visions visible to everyone else!

TriReality 3D Photography & VR Services

TriReality is quickly becoming a power player in the new disruptive, multi-billion dollar, 3D Photography and Virtual/Augmented Reality arena. With the 3D wave building and the industry growing at breakneck speed, TriReality is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve in Technology, Services Offered, and Affordability. The flagship product is the 3D Interactive Showcase powered by Matterport 3D Technology.

MediaBumpers 15 Second Hyper-Targeted Video Teasers

MediaBumpers creates Hyper-Focused 15 second video teasers that promote professional services directly to the perfect client. When used in conjunction with Artistic Concepts' Facebook Ad Campaigns, this is a laser sharp marketing option.


VR|Agents is a network of Real Estate Agents who value the power of the emerging 3D/VR/AR technologies and are eager to learn more. With VR|Agents, our goal is to educate and demistify this new technology.

Nice Turtle Apparel - Home of The Nice Movement... and TShirts

UnlockPhotoshop, SocialBumpers, Nice Turtle Apparel, Venue Gallery and one other unlisted Micro-Brand are currently classified projects and require a signed non-disclosure agreement to discuss.

*If you are interested in purchasing the buyout rights to any of our Micro-Brands, please contact Chris Fraser to negotiate acceptable terms. You will find that some of the Micro-Brands are at various levels of development and we will be adding new Micro-Brands as we continue to develop very specific solutions to very specific needs!

Our Endorsements


"It couldn't have been easy to listen to the vision of my wife and I and design a brand that would encompass what we both wanted. Chris somehow sifted through the chaos and gave us the brand that had the story we wanted to tell and the elements we wanted to see. It was exactly what we wanted and fits our business perfectly.

-Dustin Bolling, Provision Environmental Systems & Testing LLC

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris on several occasions. To say he is driven and talented would be an understatement... He is a multi-tasked person who is ridiculously efficient. It's rare that you come across someone as talented as Chris and it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend him."

-Chad Varga, CEO The Chad Varga Company

"Chris did a filming of a house i have listed for sale. Video and pics posted. Absolutely great work and has drawn great attention to my listing. I will use him again and highly recommend him for his work. He is a good guy too."

-Allan Johnson, Realtor

"Chris did a fantastic job for us. He was friendly and personable. The images he took and video he took was amazing. We used his service to sell our house. It gave potential buyers a virtual tour before even coming into the house. I would highly recommend him if you are selling your home or just want a video of your house/belongings. Also, the website (link we used) was always up and running.

-D. Ganger, Homeowner

The Journey

Since December of 2001, ​Artistic Concepts has been the parent brand for the Digital Design work of husband and wife Chris and Alaina Fraser. Our digital work has spanned many disciplines, but the unifying factor has been Digital Design.

We bring countless talents to the table and have tackled tons of projects, both large and small including: Web Design, Visual Identity and Brand Management, ECommerce Solutions, Developing a Grassroots T-Shirt Business, Writing/Co-Producing and Filming a Full Length Independent Film, short films, a television pilot, Filming and Editing Music Videos, Weddings, events, and Much More...

In 2016, Artistic Concepts has ventured into the 3D Photography and Virtual Reality arena and under the sub-brand TriReality is poised to be a key player in the emerging, new multi-billion dollar Virtual/Augmented Reality industry.

In 2017, we found new clients emerging around every corner of the globe, so we decided to formalize our website and better define some of our services and workflows. We identified and classified our line of Micro-Brands and positioned them as turnkey business solutions available for purchase at the right price.

We are a couple of Digital Design MadScientists If you aren't bringing us into your business to help just yet, you will definitely want to keep your eyes on the new experiments coming out of our lab in the very near future!

Artistic Concepts Digital Design and Marketing

Chris Fraser


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